Special Ed. Needs

Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Setting

Pages on S.E.N. topics are currently under construction, so please see the blue list below to check which aspects of S.E.N are included already.


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Please note that the information and advice on the pages under

 Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Setting

 are necessarily general and broad based and gathered from both my own personal experience as Head of Special Educational Needs in a mainstream school, as well as from research undertaken during my B.Ed.(Hons) and M.A. Courses. More detailed information should also be gathered from individual specialists in the particular field concerned.

I regret I do not have experience or expertise to offer about children who have S.S.E.N. or Severe Special Educational Needs.


Please also note that a good teacher is well able to provide good quality education for children with Special Educational Needs who are in mainstream setting. The same principles and philosophies most certainly apply for all children in mainstream schooling. To reassure yourself about this statement,

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Teaching and learning principles


So far in this section, are pages on each of the following Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Setting.

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 The child with auditory/hearing difficulties

 The child with dyslexia

 Left-handedness in children

 The child with poor language facility

 The child with short attention span

 The child with visual difficulties including Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome otherwise known as  Light Sensitivity or Irlen Syndrome.


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