A poem sent to me today from across the world

I am both delighted and humbled by a poem sent to me today from across the world and from a teacher who wrote this for me and about me. You will know how I encourage teachers to recycle and look at everything in a different way, in order to maybe make use of each item creatively in lesson planning. Like this teacher, many others have told me they unpack their shopping and, whereas before they met me, they would toss the bags and boxes away, now they look at everything and ask., “What would Chris do with this at school?”
I am proud to share this poem with you.

I think of you sometimes,
your sweet smile curled up at the corners,
your sparkling eyes always challenging me to do something new.
I see you
in an empty shoe box,
in the inside of all that white stuff when you buy a new appliance.
I collect it.I ask myself, “What would Chris do with this?”
My husband says,
“Throw it away!”
For a moment I let it linger.Creativity is in the air!
What can it be?…a shelf, ….a T.V., a splendid collection space
And then I say
“Gee Chris. Where are you?
You did this to me, but I love it!
That’s what made an ordinary teacher
Thinking of you Chris”

From a teacher living and working on the Caribbean island of Dominica in the West Indies

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