Well done with a smile!

Back to school and I am recalling a mini demo lesson I did at the end of last term, here in an English Secondary School, in a class of shall we say quite demanding students! The two teachers who had watched said,

“Chris, from what you did, I am reminded, I really don’t praise them enough, don’t give them enough positive feedback”.

Then, by chance, and out in the car over Christmas, we are approaching a village with a traffic sign that suddenly lights up and seems to shout “SLOW DOWN”. We were already slowing down and we commented that the sign was not showing much of a Christmas spirit by flashing out this negative command. One of the car passengers said to me,

“You know Mum, in some countries they actually show a smiley face when you are approaching at the right speed and they have found this has a much more significant effect on drivers keeping to the correct speed”

Well! Just what those teachers were saying last term about the wonderful effect positive responses have on improving performance. I hope they remember this and I send them a smile and wish them a Happy Teaching New Year!

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