Across the airways and over the seas

About two years ago, I had email contact from a teacher in Nepal, who had found this website and who enthused about the philosophies and ideas he found in it. He adopted these in his own teaching and encouraged others to do so too and they found that the ideas worked! He moved schools and took these ideas with him and I was humbled and flattered that he continued to achieve much success for his students and colleagues. His regular emails allowed me to imagine all this happening in its Nepalese setting.

Earlier this year, he told me that he had some student visitors to his school from England. He introduced me to them by internet and on their return to the UK, they came to visit me at my home here. We had a wonderful time with me bombarding them with questions and with them giving me a deeper insight into the success of this Nepalese school.

Readers of this blog will know of the joy I have in imagining the different worldwide settings across the airways and over the seas, settings where  show-me wow  has an influence and the visit of these young students who had observed, first hand, my “foster school” in Nepal, made my imaginings even more vivid. I thank them and I thank Chiran in Nepal, for keeping these links ongoing.

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