Accelerating Literacy

To be passionate about accelerating literacy skills, teachers need to:-

Think more than just writing on a chalk board and getting the children to copy it!
Children are not full-time scribes!

Think more than having rows of desks facing the front in military style!
Children are not soldiers!

Think more than gloomy rooms with nothing inspiring on the walls!
Children are not prisoners!

Think more than children sitting in the same seat all day!
Children are not inactive cushions!

But, children are like flowering plants!
Give them the right environment and they flourish and blossom.
Give them the wrong environment and sadly they struggle and are never be able to bloom as fully as they could.


What Jean-Jacques Rouseau ( 1712 to 1778) said, all those hundreds of years ago, still applies in education today.

“What the educator needs to do is to facilitate opportunities for learning.”

Chris Lawrence says,

“Stop being a teacher and start being a learning manager!”


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