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Show-me-WOW! is a collection of resources mainly for teachers,  written and collected by Chris Lawrence. It supports an integrated or thematic approach to teaching and learning and is written with low-resourced schools in mind.

The history of “Show me WOW!”

From our home in the French Pyrenees, my husband and I went on holiday to Dominica in the West Indies  He instantly fell in love with this Nature Island and immediately wanted to live and work there! But I was unsure about making such a huge decision. What would I do all day?

We returned for a winter and I knocked on school doors, volunteering help. I soon realized that my passion filled a great need, so I knocked on the  door of the Ministry of Education. From then, I never had to wonder how to fill my Dominican days!

On one of my teacher training workshops, I was explaining one method of teaching poetry writing. I played the teacher, whilst the 16 teachers were the pupils. We made a group poem, backed by a sound track called “Ocean”. After the last line and the last strains of music, the room was silent. In a whisper, I invited the performers to return to their seats. Silence continued for a long moment and then someone said, “Wow!”

“And that’s what I want you to show me in your classrooms, and what I want your children to feel when they achieve something, however small, so show me wow!

“And that’s what your web site should be called”, said someone.

“What website?” I asked.

“The one you are going to write for us!” was their reply.

So here it is!

Who Is Chris Lawrence?

Chris Lawrence, B.Ed.(Hons.), M.A. was born and educated in Kent and then Berkshire in England. She achieved her degrees at the University of East Anglia in Norfolk, England.

Chris has worked in schools with children of ages ranging from 4 years to 19. She has also taught young offenders aged up to 22 years. She has also taught teachers.

Chris holds a Teaching Certificate in both Primary and Secondary Education, an Advanced Teaching Certificate, a Bachelor of Education Degree with Honours and a Master’s Degree.

Her last full-time teaching post was in an English, co- educational comprehensive school for 1,200 pupils, aged 11 to 19, with 70 teachers (aged 24 to 64!). There, she was a Learning Consultant, Head of Learning Support and Literacy Co-ordinator for the School.

Through her years of experience, Chris became a specialist in accelerating learning, and in teaching with limited resources. She has a passion about it.

She next lived and taught in the Commonwealth of Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean. Here, she enjoyed sharing her skills with education officers, principals, teachers, pupils and parents, in both state and private schools across the age ranges and across the island.

Chris thanks the people of Dominica for the welcome and the encouragement they continually gave her. She is also amazed at the constantly increasing number of visitors, from all points of the globe, who visit this www.show-me-wow.com website. Chris is now back in her English homeland.

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